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Bosch Washing Machine Fault Code F04

The fault code (error code) F04 on a Bosch Washing Machine means that the machine hasn't been able to pump out. Most likely this will be because of a small foreign body making it into the pump housing - but it is worth a visual check for a kink in the drain pipe as that would be even easier to fix.

Before doing anything, remove the mains plug.

The key is to remove the access and drain plug. But unless you can cope with 10 litres of detergent-laden water all over the floor, first you need to drain most of the water from the machine. Pull down the flap at bottom right hand corner, look for black flexible hose (approx 1cm diameter) with rubber plug in the end. Take a plastic carton (a 3-litre washing liquid carton is ideal) and drain into that - placing a drip tray underneath (eg a shallow baking tray). This is a slow job!

When there is no more liquid coming out of the small pipe, replace the bung. Then undo the big (10cm diameter) access plug by unscrewing it. See my other note about using Polymorph to improve grip if you can't turn it by hand. Be ready for quite a bit more liquid when you remove it.

Check again that the power is off, then feel inside the pipe that you've just exposed - there are two pipes entering the chamber, and a four-blade impeller at the back. This is where that small coin will be if that is the problem.

If you need to explore further, you can remove the pump entirely - and it's not too scary a job (well done Bosch). Turn the machine onto its side and remove the eight Torx screws holding the centre access panel on the bottom of the machine. Remove the plastic moulding that covers the access knob at the bottom of the front face of the machine (1 Torx screw) and then remove a very small Torx screw at the bottom of the access pipe (ie the bit the access knob screws into): note how this fits for when you put it back. Removing the screw will allow you to remove the pump from the body of the machine, and that makes it easier to remove the two pipes that fit onto it (spring clips around the rubber pipes).

Having hit increasingly frequent F04 errors (opened up, found no blockage but a residue of rather thick washing liquid), I feared that there was something seriously wrong - perhaps the impeller slipping on its shaft.

But in fact I have banished the errors by moving to use a "wash-ball" (plastic container the size of a tennis ball with a slice cut off  - washing liquid goes into this which then goes into the load) rather than the drawer.

This was useful to me. Thanks.
Thank you, this has been so helpful!
This was very useful-thank you so much!
Really useful and claer - thank you
Read your very helpful blog - thanks!
I wondered if you or commenters can explain the behaviour of my Bosch WFX2868:
F04 is displayed on the mc starting to drain. If switched to off, mains off then on again, then switched to spin > start, mc drains no problem, and completes the spin - all ok.

FO4 still happens though.

Any views on this appreciated.

105Excellent advice thank you......10 minutes work and out popped a 5p piece!
Great, thank you. Followed and removed the pipes from the pump after I originally couldn't find anything and found a 5p blocking.

Thank you!!!WFX160 Bosch new OK again!
I took one apart 6 months ago and found no blockage at all, what I did find was a tight pump blade, I slid the coil off the pump and was left with a plastic body with the shaft inside I managed to prise it open and cloudy water came out I managed to oil and free it up and got another 6 months out of it so far but looking back the part can be purchased for around 40 quid great machines to work on!
Fantastic advice - it took less than 15 mins!
Yep - same old 5p piece!
Be patient :)
Brilliant! Worked perfectly, Thank You!
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Many thanks. Simple instructions to follow and a simple job. Once I'd drained the water I found a small sock was blocking the pump. Thanks for taking the time to post.
thanks guys after paying £40 to a repair man and a being told nothing wrong only grime we stripped the pump down and yay it was the 5p as others have said only it was dirty not clean.
Thanks everyone for your help.
much appreciated found your decription really easy to follow and looks like ive sorted my problem :-)
Your guide fixed my machine too. Found a 20p piece, a matchstick and a skinny bit of metal which I think was the culprit. Cheers:)
Great advice!!! Found a hair clip and machine working again. Many thanks!!
Thanks I am giving it a go tomorrow!!! Thanks ��
This identification of the fault code was very useful and allowed me to fix the issue without third party intervention. I did all of the instruction above but took the additional measure of removing the outlet pipe altogether and ran a mains water feed through it. No water emerged but all of a sudden out came the remains of conditioner and soap deposit in an almighty mass allowing the free flow of mains water. The machine is now back up and working. Thanks again.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I'm so grateful I stumbled across your post and repaired my machine before buying a new one! I followed your (very clear) instructions and voila! I've never been so happy to find a piece of Lego in the machine causing the problem!
Thanks again!!
Very helpful. Thank you.
Thanks for your useful advice, i followed your instructions to the letter cleaned out the pump put everything back together and ran a wash it still came up with the error code f04 i'm wondering if i'm missing something? I turned off the machine waited 1 minute then set the machine to spin and the machine completed the spin cycle fine. I've reopened the drain plug and checked again for anything that could be blocking it and found nothing. Any ideas or suggestions would be welcome.


Great advice. Fixed the problem. Thanks
great instructions found button bigger than 5p certainly blocked up well got to stop my wife putting too many clothes in the machine
Thanks - wristband and a hair grip in my case. Need to remind my daughter about emptying her pockets.

One question: when I unscrew the drain plug, the actual plug is still in there and just the front screw part comes out. I then pull out the plug with pliers. Is this normal or should they be joined together?
Top advice. Thanks.
the screw part on the plug wont turn more than a half turn and is solid, think this means its warped somehow?

AWESOME, buddy. Great help. Thanks a ton!
Yes to all the above! Thank you for rescuing my clothes!!
Thank you for your advice it worked a treat. Found a small stone,removed and it is now working again. Wonderful
My Bosch WVT1260EU/01 fills with water when drying and stops after 5 minutes. The code is F04. Washing, drain, rinse, spin without any problem. The drain plug removed, there was almost nothing inside. Is it still a pump problem?
Got to say you are a life saver. 40mins emptying the water, unscrewed the cap and three small objects removed. Washing machine is a go! Wife didn't even realise I was fixing it, she thought I was having a long wee!!! Really?
Hello - I tried this and found two coins ... but then when I ran the machine again the error message F04 appeared again. I have checked the filter and then I put it on a spin cycle and checked that the propellor was rotating.

Any ideas what else could be causing the problem?
From turkey with love. This helped me so much
Thanks for the post. Blogs like these are very useful for people who are into home appliance service. Our washing machine service centers has benefited from this post. Thanks.
Excellent post. Was searching all over the net for a service issue and finally landed on this post and it was very helpful. We run a washing machine service center so was very helpful for us.
Very informative post. Posts like these are very useful and particularly for people who are running washing machine service center. Thanks.
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For me it was just a build up of soap scum in drain hose. Gave it a clean with a length of 15mm copper tube which pulled out a blob of grey yucky stuff. Machine is 10 years old so build up is not uncommon. Cheers
This was sooo useful, my machine wasn't draining, read this and drained left over water away then undid the larger bit and found a load of scum and a plastic piece from under a shirt collar!!. Removed that, cleaned it all out and it works like a charm. Thanks for the info I saved some money here today as well as being a superwoman!

Brilliant advice. Worked a treat. Saved a call out fee and I’m 15p up in change!! Struggled to turn the access plug but by placing a couple of small 2” metal bars either side of the handhold and clamping with a molegrip, was able to turn it easily. Thanks for the advice!
Thank you, this has been so helpful!
Did everything step by step... Machine works again and you saved me labour & callout fees.

Thank you. Followed your instructions. Everything fine. Wife didn't know I had fixed it until she heard it spinning
Had the F04 error but no blockage, pump not spinning..... Inspected the electrical connector and found on unclipping from the pump that one of the cables had fractured where it entered the connector.

Bit fiddly, but disassembling the connector showed that the cables for power are Insulation Displacement Connector type so an easy fix by adding a short extension to the original broken cable (with a barrel crimp) and clamping down the connector IDC again using a pair of water pump pliers.

Now sorted! 😀
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