Tuesday, September 03, 2013


TP-link M5350 - problems connecting from a Windows 8 laptop

The TP-link M5350 is a neat device, and (once I had it configured for giffgaff ) and it worked a charm from my Android tablet and from an XP netbook.

And then I tried to connect to it from an Acer Windows 8 laptop. Misery.

The laptop found the network without problem. In the Wifi panel, it would connect OK to begin with, and then modify to "limited" status after a minute or two.

It had a compatible IP address but wouldn't ping the M5350 (let alone access its configuration page), even with Firewall off. So what was going wrong?

Changing from Channel=Auto to Channel=6 saw me able to ping - 100% success. But repeat the ping, and the address wasn't found. Changed to channel 7 - same thing.

Eventually I solved it - I switched the band to 11g only. And everything worked fine. Not sure I understand why, but hopefully this might just help someone else.


How did you change this setting in Windows 8?

Many thanks,
Ok, I have worked this out finally :o) I managed to log into the M5350 from my smartphone. This allowed me to access the configuration page. From here I went to the wireless settings for the 5350 and changed the mode to 11g only. Once the 5350 had rebooted I could connect from my Windows 8 laptop. This is a little crazy but it works.

This really works.
Thank you buddy.
When I went from Australia to New Zealand, I had to change mine from CHAP Authentication Type to PAP.

After that everything worked again.
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