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Buffalo WHR-G300Nv2 - setting up for Bridging mode

I had a spare WHR-G300Nv2 and wanted to use it to connect an ethernet device without wifi (a cheap Freeview-with-iPlayer box as it happens) to my house wifi (from a Vigor 2900V as it happens). I knew that what I wanted was to use the WHR-G300Nv2 in Bridging mode. Could it be done? There was a clear mention in the manual - as in a page headed "Configuration Menu (Bridge Mode)", but this was simply a list of other pages where you were expected to guess the appropriate settings.

I was sure it could be done, but searched high and low and couldn't find clear instructions on how to do this.

Buffalo UK tech support were great - response within 24 hours with instructions that worked. BUT what a shame that the instructions weren't readily findable on the web (or, even better, included in the manual).

So here is their (modified) note of what to do.

Extra step added May 2014: Make sure that you have recent firmware. v1.85 is the latest at the time of writing, and this is fine for Bridging. But I wasted a lot of time wondering why I couldn't set things up properly before realising that I was using a v1.80 unit which didn't offer "Slave (EC)" mode.

Bring the unit in Bridge mode by switching to the "OFF" mode. at the back of the unit.
Reset the unit following the settings below.

Please follow the guidelines below to reset the WHR-G300NV2-EU.
1. Power the unit on and let it boot up.
2. Locate the reset or Init button on the back or base of the unit.
3. Press and hold this button for 10 seconds (paperclip may be required).
4. The DIAG led will start flashing (if applicable).

5. Allow approximately 2 minutes for the router to reset.

Now set it up using the instructions in the pdf below. Two notes:

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