Saturday, November 09, 2013


Doro big-button phones: photos

Doro make some simple big-button phones (eg Doro 331ph), with big Speed-dial buttons that will take a photo (or other graphic) to allow the user to place a call to a person that they know.

WARNING - the product looks great, but it will be useless for many people - Doro's Technical Support confirm that the quick-dial memories are lost when you unplug the phone. See my separate note here

Documentation on the phone misses out two key pieces of info - how to replace the photos, and the dimensions.

To replace the photos, you need to lift of the transparent plastic cap that fits over the button. It simply prizes off ...

... to leave a black plastic button below it (here shown for the right-hand button):

The size of the photo is 23mm x 32mm or 272 pixels x 378 pixels for a 300dpi printer

Well worth it!

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