Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Windows 7 to 8 to 8.1 upgrade - tackling "Failure Configuring ..."

Wretched Microsoft insist that anyone with an upgrade licence from 7 to 8 must still - even with 8.1 available - update to Windows 8 first, then update Windows 8, and only then upgrade to Windows 8.1.

Can one use a Windows 8 upgrade key to upgrade direct to 8.1  - No, say their helpline.

So it is a particular misery to hit problems with the Windows 8 upgrades that Microsoft inflicts upon you - I hit "Failure Configuring Windows Updates: Reverting Changes" repeatedly as the most frequently suggested fix attempts proved to make no difference.

What worked for me? 

Turning off automatic updating, then sorting the long list (140 or more) in alphabetical order (so that the "Update for Windows" files are all together in one bunch). Then click the "Name" button to unselect all the updates, and re-select the first "Update for Windows ..." updates and apply those. 

Repeat until all those are done, then try the Windows Store and see if it considers your Windows 8 is in a fit state to do the 8.1 update. Mine was, having avoided all the other updates (at least one of which must have been responsible for my updates failing en masse).

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