Sunday, December 20, 2015


Buffalo WHR-G300N - updated password problem (doesn't work!)

Black mark to Buffalo.

Their WHR-G300N has an 8-character limit on root (admin) password. It does say that in the help text, but some of us think we understand about passwords without reading instructions. And so we paste in a nice secure password of (say) 12 characters, reboot - and find that we can't log in with the new password. Because Buffalo don't cope with a sensibly-long password. And they don't even bother to warn you if you try to paste in too long a password. They don't even truncate the length of password that you type in to match the maximum 8 characters. They simply truncate the password that you save (without any option to see the password entered, of course).

So - make sure your password is max 8 characters. And if you find yourself locked out of an Airstation unit for which you thought you knew the password, try using just the first 8 characters.

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