Thursday, December 03, 2015


Windows 10 - adding a tile for your Printers Folder

Windows 10 has its upsides, but the "Do it our way or suffer" mentality from other new releases persists in access to the Control Panel and its contents.

It has taken me a good while to find out how to add a "Control Panel" tile:

start -> all apps -> windows system [pull-down] -> right click "Control Panel" -> click pin to start

And it took me even longer to work out how to create a tile that takes me straight to my Printers folder. (This mattered to me because opening "Devices and Printers" is very very slow (about 25 seconds) - some suggest ditching the Realtek HD Audio Driver, or testing each device in turn (including reinstalling their drivers) to get to the bottom of it.)

Hold down the "Windows" button on your keyboard (between Ctrl and Alt) and press the letter R, to bring up the "Run" box. In this, type:


and press Enter.

Now, drag the Printers icon (not top-left, the next one in - highlighted here - by me - in red) to your desktop:

Now Right-Click the shortcut, and choose "Pin to Start". Wait a few seconds, and it should appear as a new tile on your Start Screen.


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