Wednesday, June 08, 2016


Not such a Delight

Delight Mobile offer attractive PAYG data rates (at time of writing - 8 Jun 2016: 1p/Mb) using the EE network.

But their Customer Service seems to be non-existent. I phoned them (no landline number, so more expensive) - no answer after 20 minutes. Filled in their online form on two occasions - no response either time. Emailed their parent company to say "do you realise how badly Delight's Customer Service is performing?" and got no response to that either.

And it isn't as if their online offering is so good that you can do without Customer Service: a Delight Mobile number which is good enough to accept credit for (and which works in use) is apparently not a valid Delight mobile when it comes to setting up an online account.

Nice prices, shame about the service.

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