Friday, September 23, 2016


Updating firmware on a SNOM phone using Pumpkin

Set up Pumpkin on your PC and run it. Check the IP address for your PC (and gateway) as you will need to tell the phone where to find the TFTP server.

Download the firmware image for your phone model from Snom - make sure that you are using a compatible version: sometimes you need to do an interim upgrade if the difference is too big.

Next, RENAME THE FILE. Your Snom knows what it is asking for: a file named snomxxx.bin (where xxx is the model number, eg snom300.bin)

Don't use the Get File or Put File settings in Pumpkin: the phone will ask for the "bin" file by name. Just set the "TFTP filesystem root" to be the folder where you have saved the "bin" file.

To get the phone to access the TFTP server, you need to re-power (not just reboot) to get the option of accessing a TFTP server.

Once you've opted to access a TFTP server, the phone will ask for IP address, this is the IP address you want to assign to the PHONE (for now).

Depending on the phone model, you may need to press the "up" key or "right" key to access the next screens, which ask you to enter IP for the TFTP server, gateway and subnmet mask. If you aren't asked for these, you haven't chosen the right options!

Once you've added all those details, press the Tick button, and you should be away.

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